Developing the Self Developing the World represents individuals applying the principles of anthroposophy into a community organisation established to support the progress of human evolution.

Through the foundations seeded by Inner Work Path, Developing the Self Developing the World has emerged as a growing social form, which delivers community education and  the Y Project. Individuals are encouraged to contribute and participate freely and responsibly in a way that benefits the greater good. It is based on the three-fold social order that Rudolf Steiner introduced as a progressive way to work in one’s task in the world. Of importance is the striving to recognise an individual without making distinctions or stereotyping based on outer characteristics, social standing, race, sex, gender, religion or culture.

All profits from Developing the Self Developing the World are directed to the  Y Project and other social initiatives. 

Developing the Self Developing the World welcomes expressions of interest to:

  • Participate in a course
  • Sponsor a course participant
  • Sponsor a young person
  • Refer a young person
  • Volunteer
  • Donate money to current and future programs
  • Become involved in current or future activities

“Through taking hold of all that lives in us we participate consciously in the transformation of our particular personal self that is often closed to higher insights, towards a greater possibility of experiencing a living, dynamic spiritual life that awakens our being and serves the progression of the world we live in.”           Lisa Romero – ‘Developing the Self’

Developing the Self  Developing the World is registered name of EduCareDo Ltd Gtd, a not-for-profit company registered with and accountable to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. ACN 002 345 922.

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