As parents and caregivers we walk a path beside our children, guiding and nurturing them. We are called in our task to be aware of our own growth, our own capacities and what lives in us. What we provide now helps to lay the ground for the future.


By understanding the healthy stages of child development alongside the qualities each child brings with them, we strive for what is needed to bring balance, and provide experiences and an environment that will support the child to unfold and grow in freedom so that they may meet the world as conscious adults.

Developing the Self Developing the World aims to offer affordable and accessible workshops for parents and caregivers to extend the understanding of 'parental' responsibility through the light of anthroposophy.

Courses in 2017

Bellingen April 29 & 30 - click here for more information

Byron Bay May 20 & 21 - click here for more information


Over the weekend of the Conscious Parenting course we will be exploring each of the twelve senses and uniting this with an understanding of constitutional tendencies. Through working with the insights of anthroposophy alongside our individual enquiry we can come to perceive how to nourish and support these processes. How do we restore balance and maintain a state of well-being in those we care for? What truly nourishes children given the times we live in?


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Distance Study

For those who wish to take up further study in areas such as nutrition, human development and agriculture in the light of anthroposophy we recommend the EduCareDo self-paced distance education course.