When we consider how we work with young people in the area of sexuality and gender, we must first ponder what the future community of humanity may be.


If we are to work with the future pictures of community, when speaking with young people we are to hold in our awareness that the community structure is moving and changing like never before. The nuclear family is morphing and this is an important part of the future community.


Relationships between individuals are also changing, and in our parenting and teaching we need to allow for this if we are to support the evolving of human beings.


Beyond Gender - Meeting the True Individuality of the Child


Through being male or female, we ourselves are living with a one sided human experience and endure social conditioning around how we should act according to prescribed gender roles. This is the transient part of the human being, whereas the essential part lives beyond conditionings and one-sided biological processes. It is the essential part of the human being that leads us away from materialism and connects us with the truth of who we are. The human being has a body, a soul and a spirit. Whilst the physical body has a sex, the soul and the spirit are neither male nor female.


The soul spiritual potential an individual child brings into the world, is genderless. By approaching young people in this way we are open to the individual capacities they carry as gifts for the world.


Humanity is in an evolving process with social structures that change according to shifts in consciousness. In this new age of greater capacity of consciousness in our soul we are asked to look upon our bodies as an instrument. This is not to diminish the vehicle of the body but rather to recognise the true and essential being that utilises the instrument.


“Of course a materialistic view of the world of the human being which recognises only what can be couched and seen, naturally sees in man and woman only the physiological difference and anyone who remains in this materialistic view will simply miss, will simply overlook something that is far greater and more decisive than sexual differences, they will overlook the individuality which goes beyond gender and is independent of it”.

(Rudolf Steiner, Lecture: Women and Society).

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