This professional development is comprised of three weekend courses to build an understanding of the relevant depth and progression anthroposophy brings to this important aspect of life. An individual can choose to attend any or all of the courses.


Teachers, health professionals, parents and those working with others will find this training beneficial to see how applying anthroposophy can be a beacon of light and understanding in the changing needs of our times around gender and sexuality. We shall explore how differences and similarities work in child development, human relationships and spiritual development. Learning to support this aspect of the health and wellbeing of another’s relationship to gender and sexuality results in greater resilience and confidence in their relationship to the wider community.


Throughout the training we look at environmental and community influences on sexuality and gender in young people’s lives. When working out of anthroposophy we are asked not to judge the other by gender and to teach in a unisexual way. Only through deep understanding of the un-freedom of being man or woman can we contribute to the education and development of others in freedom. Click here for an introduction.


Course locations and dates vary from year to year, but at least one of the three courses is delivered annually in Australia and the USA.

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Working Wholistically with Gender and Sexuality – The Understanding of Being More Than Male and Female

This course provides the anthroposophical understanding of being more than male and female and how to express the evolving and developing pictures of gender and sexuality to students in primary and secondary school. It will also include the common struggles that are experienced during childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. Supporting this aspect of the health and wellbeing of the individual child’s relationship to gender and sexuality results in greater resilience and confidence in their growing relationship to the wider community.


Working Wholistically with Gender and Sexuality – Understanding and Developing the Masculine and Feminine Forces Towards Harmony

From an esoteric view of the human being, it can be understood that within the individual there are masculine and feminine forces that are necessary for deeper soul development. This course will explore the evolving of these masculine and feminine forces within the individual from childhood to adulthood, what occurs when there are hindrances in this process and how these may be expressed in adolescent and adult sexuality and social behaviors. Using these insights we can support the balance of these primary forces throughout childhood to adolescence as well as discover how to rebalance ourselves through inner development exercises that support both the masculine and feminine forces required for the awakening of inner capacities.


Working Wholistically with Gender and Sexuality – Understanding Individual Responsibility in Working Towards New Community

In community life we learn consciously and unconsciously from each other. Rudolf Steiner stated that to be an educator in the Consciousness-soul Age we need to be able to elicit the individuality. This course focuses on how to perceive support and elicit the true nature of the individual human being from childhood to adulthood. We will explore the changing role and the need for new community responsibility, that can provide young people with what is needed in the growing self-consciousness and separation that they are facing. We look at how young people can be supported within a community that respects, encourages and expands each individual’s qualities as the basis for the modern rites of passage into adulthood.


Sex Education and the Spirit

These workshops evolved out of the Student Program Lisa Romero has been delivering to classes in Steiner / Waldorf Schools for over ten years.  The more adults that take up the work of this progressive and wholistic understanding of human development, the more young people are supported to find their individuality and capacity to contribute to the world.


Lisa Romero has been delivering professional development in schools for over two decades and this particular training commenced in 2015. Steiner Books has published her new book Sex Education and The Spirit to complement these professional development courses. It is due for release in February 2017.

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For those who wish to undertake self-paced study in the foundations of anthroposophy we recommend the EduCareDo distance education course. A Teacher's Certificate of Completion is now open for enrolment.