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An initiative that supports the bridging of young people into healthy community life

The Y Project is a gifted service to support any young person 16 to 26 years old, who wants to engage in their development and/or their place in their community.


Practitioners and community members working out of anthroposophy have come together to contribute towards the creation of individual programs for young people. Each program offers support in various aspects of their life. This may include life skills, vocational and study support, rhythmic massage, anthroposophic remedies and treatments, eurythmy and mentoring conversations. The individual programs will be determined by the young person, in conversation with Lisa Romero and/or Ronan O’Connor (see below).


As Developing the Self Developing the World grows, the variety of services and activities for young people will increase.


A website for young people to access, will be available from early 2017. Parents and teachers will be able to refer young people to the new website rather than this page.


Lisa Romero

Lisa is the author of three books on anthroposophical inner development who lectures and presents courses and retreats in professional and personal development in anthroposophical communities and Waldorf schools worldwide. She has been working with children, adolescents and families in clinical practice for 30 years and as a specialist teacher on sexuality and gender for high school students.


Ronan O’Connor

For over 12 years Ronan has developed and managed programs working with young people challenged by issues of addiction, mental health, and homelessness. He has worked in both management and service provision, and as a mentor in an addiction clinic applying anthroposophical insight to its work.


The Individual Program May Include


Anthroposophic Remedies - Fiona Mackenzie

Anthroposophic remedies offer support on a daily basis to assist and strengthen the whole person towards health. They are natural remedies prescribed individually as part of a regular consultation within the program.

Fiona is a complementary health practitioner who has been working out of anthroposophy since 2006. In her clinical practice Fiona works with adults, young people, children and family groups. She contributes to Developing the Self Developing the World parent courses and gender and sexuality professional development courses.


Therapeutic Eurythmy -  Marilyn Myres

Eurythmy means beautiful rhythm. It is a form of art conceived by Rudolf Steiner early last century and extended into a therapy that connects the healthy rhythms of the human being with the cosmic rhythms of nature through movement. These movements combined with our individual effort can bring about significant changes to our health and the way we experience the world.
We will develop together a Eurythmy program for each individual relating to their specific needs. This will assist with aligning us to the cosmic forces that can stream into us like a pulse.
Marilyn has worked with adults, and primary and high school students since 1994 and therapeutically since 2000. She currently works at Shearwater Rudolf Steiner school and from her studio in Suffolk Park NSW.


Rhythmical Etheric Massage - Pamela Shera

This massage seeks to make contact with inner processes and call forth the body's own strengthening forces. It combines knowledge of the spiritual nature of the human being with rhythmical movements and specific forms gently massaged onto the body. They are offered over a period of time on a regular basis.

Pamela has worked within Anthroposophy and with Rhythmical Etheric Massage for over 20 years and currently practices from Suffolk Park NSW.


Skin Care - Tracey Stephan

Tracey works with Dr Hauschka skin care products to balance, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. The treatment is provided in an inviting, relaxed and private setting. Tracey has been working as an holistic skin therapist since 2008.


To enquire or access the program please use the details below.

A website specifically for young people to access the Y Project is currently under construction.

Y Project Phone: 02 6684 3233

Y Project Email: info@yproject.com.au