Care and Development of The Senses – 12 Senses Resource

A Guide to the Care and Development of the Senses Version 1.5 (PDF) published May 31  2018 is available here – click here

The senses play a most important role in informing us about the physical world and at the same time, the senses inform us about our self; we can learn what makes our body healthy and unhealthy. Through our sensory system we take in the world and learn what we need to do to be able to be a part of the world.  We develop an ability to share parts of our self and to try new things, to control our self and keep from distractions so as to perceive things accurately.

The understanding of hyper and hypo senses originates from therapeutic and observational studies by Lisa Romero. Lisa first introduced this knowledge within the Towards Health and Healing set of workshops that ran alongside the EduCareDo Foundation Year in Anthroposophy from 2003 – 2011. It has been taken up by a number of extra lesson practitioners, curative educators and therapists as well as health practitioners within their private practice and the professional development education they deliver around the world. By publishing this 27 page document, along with the book ‘Spirit-led Community; healing the impact of technology’ with the contribution of other members of Developing the Self Developing the World, Lisa hopes that the depths of insight that can come from this knowledge live and grow. Anyone may download and use the document to assist their individual understanding and support their individual work. Please contact Developing the Self Developing the World to seek permission to use the document for anything other than personal use.

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