The foundations of sensory development are laid down in the first seven years of life and have a direct influence on the growing child’s ability to develop attention, attachment and self regulation. Capacities essential for formal education. 

Health practitioners and educators from Developing the Self Developing the World offer workshops and mentoring for communities to come to understand the impact technology is having on the development of these capacities in childhood as well as in adults and community life. Healing the Impact of Technology Program includes observational tools and home health care instructions to harmonise the senses and the relationship of technology as well as to build a healthier way of being in community today.

The foundation to the program is provided in the book by Lisa Romero Spirit-led Community; healing the impact of technology which was published by Steiner Books in 2018.


Click here to link to a podcast in which Lisa Romero  gives a 5 minute introduction to this program (between the points of 27 and 32minutes).

Written resources are prepared in PDF format for ease of reading offline, as well as to share with class families as a child development resource. Workshops and lectures are also available and can be offered in relation to a particular community’s needs.

 “A feeling for what is self and what is other is cultivated through the development and care of the senses and the nervous system.”

Lisa Romero  Spirit-led Community; healing the impact of technology’  

Facilitators travel to communities across Australia and America to support parents, teachers, learning support staff and health professionals in caring for their own senses and the development and care of the senses in children.

Early childhood is the most opportune time to place all efforts on the care and development of the senses so that learning and digestion unfolds healthfully throughout the primary grades. However the senses require constant care and attention. When a family or entire school community integrate improvements on understanding and caring for the senses it supports colleagues to broaden their own perception and be inclusive of other points of view without losing their own perspective. Working with this content can assist families and communities to be mutually striving for the same goal, as individuality and unity go hand in hand with sensory development. 

Communities can host a workshop or lecture and open it to neighbouring schools or communities or request a course for ‘closed’ professional development. 

Individuals can attend the open courses that are advertised on the calendar or book individual support.

Content that is specific to sensory development can sometimes be complemented by or run alongside other community courses on child development.

Lecture and workshop examples

A talk for parents and teachers caring for children from birth to seven years old.  It introduces the twelve senses with a particular focus on the first four senses. It raises awareness of the significance of how these senses develop between birth and seven years and their relation to the rest of life. This talk is utilised by Waldorf Communities to help young families understand the basis of the Waldorf early childhood curriculum and the benefits of creating a complementary home routine. 

A talk for parents, teachers and learning support staff to understand the impact the senses have on behaviour and learning in the primary school years. This can be delivered as a class parent teacher meeting and help lead parents towards further education to support their child’s individual needs. 

We can use the understanding and observation of the development of the twelve senses as a guide to know when children are ready for broader experiences, how to protect them from overexposure, and how to harmonise the impressions they have absorbed and yet to digest. Our awareness of our own tendencies to use each sense can also help us to improve the way we work with colleagues and partners.

This workshop can be presented as a one or two day workshop for anyone working with children to come to understand the way we each have hyper and hypo sensory processing tendencies, and how we can support all children to flourish and fully develop despite these variances. It brings examples of ways to observe behaviours at school and home through the lens of sensory development, so as to be able to give the most helpful encouragement to a child, enabling the awakening of their own sense of self and place in the class and home.  

This flexible half or full day workshop can assist school staff to extend the relatedness of sensory development to particular behaviours that are presenting in a class group so as to develop new ways to support the class.  

The content can be extended furthest when the participants are aware of their own tendencies to be hypo or hyper sensitive and whether this is colouring their perceptions of the class needs. This can assist in working towards opening the doorway to perceive what a child may need to assist them to learn or digest. When we work with sensory development in this way we find that we focus on what a person has rather than what they do not have. 

A one or two day workshop where participants spend time on individual observations to come to know how we perceive through our different senses and how these perceptions colour our choices in life. To develop healthy, matured senses for our self, we put aside the bias and conditioning that is colouring our view of the world and others. This opens the doorway to the wisdom that helps us to understand someone else’s  point of view, which greatly assists collegial communication and puts the health of the family or the school at the centre. 

By applying medicinal substances to the skin, the nervous system is reached more directly than through oral medication. Anxiety, fatigue, sleep disturbances and erratic behaviour that is a result of weakened or overworked sensory processing can be assisted by these applications. The treatments benefit all ages, but because the environment so easily influences children, these treatments can have a profound effect on bringing about a soothing, harmonising or awakening experience that assists the integration of what has been absorbed from the world. These workshops provide hands on experience with a variety of practical applications. Each treatment is a one to two hour group workshop.  

Professionals in the fields of health and pedagogy are available for individual class teachers, learning support staff, parents and health professionals to offer one-off or ongoing individualised support. This can provide the opportunity to refine programmes, home routines or healthcare practices and integrate activities and nourishing experiences that help children to build a rich inner resource library and adults to harmonise their senses. 

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