Guidebook to Social Understanding and Wholistic Gender and Sexuality Education

Painting by Laura Summer

This 46 page resource contains child development profiles from birth to 18 years in the light of gender and sexuality as well as teaching content and reference to current online resources throughout the grades. It refers to specific pages in books by Lisa Romero to assist bringing together and extending the understanding of human development and relationships within the scope of this topic.


Sex Education and The Spirit

Understanding Our Communal Responsibility for the Healthy Development of Gender and Sexuality within Society

by Lisa Romero

Published 2017 by Steiner Books.

A healthy relationship to gender and sexuality supports our wellbeing, both as individuals and as a community. The form of sex education that we bring to children and adolescents not only needs to combat the inner disturbances and imbalances created by social media and exposure to pornography – as the most prevalent sources of implicit sex-eduction in our time – but it also needs to serve them in cultivating useful capacities with which to meet the growing societal changes around this fundamental aspect of being human.

Providing a healthy and socially constructive sex education is the responsibility not only of the primary caregivers, parents, and teachers, but also of the individuals in the wider community, who likewise contribute to the collective consciousness.

Working to overcome our own biases and imbalances will prepare us to more readily awaken to the spiritual wisdom that can bring health and harmony into the evolving reality of gender and sexuality.“Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners” – Shakespeare, Othello

The insights shared in this book are important for everyone who is interested in understanding the various forms of human relationship, and how we might work together to bring about a healthier community life.


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