We offer a variety of courses according to the community needs on health, education and development.

Below is a list of course descriptions that can be adapted to meet the needs of a community.

Growing into the Head, Heart and Hands

This content can be delivered as a lecture for class parent evenings or extended into a full day workshop. It provides a pictorial guide to understanding the growth of the child’s physical body in line with  their consciousness between birth to 21 years. Through this the Nerve Sense System, Rhythmic System and Metabolic Limb System is introduced in relation to the Head, Heart and Hands. The workshop gives time to explore behaviours across the ages and how they are reflected throughout development, whereas the lecture focuses on a particular age.

Conscious Parenting 

By understanding the healthy stages of child development alongside the qualities each child brings with them, we strive for what is needed to bring balance, and provide experiences and an environment that will support the child to unfold and grow in freedom so that they may meet the world as conscious adults.

We walk this path beside them, guiding and nurturing them. We are called in our task as caregivers to be aware of our own growth, our own capacities and what lives in us. What we provide now helps to lay the ground for the future.

Over the weekend of the Conscious Parenting course we will look at constitutional tendencies, the developmental stages from infancy through to adulthood, the growth of the sensory system, and the practical support we can provide in daily life to cultivate living relationships.

Development Health and Education

As we grow into life the needs of our health and education change. Through understanding the esoteric wisdom behind Waldorf Education we understand why teachers are also seen as preventative health carers. This wisdom leads us to gain knowledge of our own capacity to prevent or correct imbalances in body and soul.

This course is valuable for all people working with or caring for children in the various stages of child development. Looking at the individual expression of a child’s being, we begin to see their individual needs. At the same time we recognise the collective journey of childhood and the inevitable path of growth and change so that we can guide their unfolding stages in the most healthy way possible. Doing so brings insights into our own growth and development needs as adults and the inner exercises support our own strengthening enabling us to perceive and meet the needs of the child.

The Foundations of Health and Wellbeing

When understanding and supporting the child’s body and soul development in today’s world which is filled with great changes and advancements, it is important to recognise what effects this has on their developmental processes. Our medical model is based on determining when an individual is sick rather than what makes them well. What may be detrimental to our children’s health is clearly evident, and we can perceive what promotes health and wellbeing through the insights given out of Steiner education and Anthroposophical medicine. This talk speaks about some of the main issues confronting child health and wellbeing in our times and how we can counter the unbalancing effects.

Health and  Healing in the Consciousness Soul Age

As humanity evolves so does our relationship to working with health and healing. As we continue into the consciousness soul age we are challenged by greater difficulties arising between people. Through the lens of the inner work, we will enter into the study of the healing conversation; looking at what we can do and what role we may hold in the healing path of another. When we understand our task we may also understand the activity of the healing forces working towards wholeness through the life transitions, crises or illness processes.

Anthroposophy places human freedom as the guiding principle in all its healing modalities, therefore we must also understand what brings un-freedom and how to meet the other in a way that supports freedom when working with either body or soul.

This course is highly valuable for health professionals, Waldorf teachers and those with a living interest in health and healing.

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