Gender and Sexuality

Working for the future community

Humanity today is calling for community to work with Gender and Sexuality in a progressive way. Inspired by the work of Austrian Philosopher Rudolf Steiner, Developing The Self Developing The World sees the human being’s gender and sexuality in relation to the wider social context particularly its role in building a future community that ultimately serves the evolution of humanity. A community with members who operate out of their individual self, as opposed to their race, sex, class or other conditioned factors, is one that supports the progression of humanity. Developing The Self  aims to work in this way with parents, teachers, health care professionals and youth through courses for adults and facilitated in-school programmes.

Workshops and courses provide insight and training for parents, teachers, health professionals and interested community members in the changing relationship society has to gender and sexuality. They are on a range of topics which include:

  • The Understanding of Being More Than Male and Female
  • Understanding and Developing the Masculine and Feminine Forces Towards Harmony
  • Understanding Individual Responsibility in Working Towards New Community; Recognising The Spirit in Diverse Gender & Sexuality
  • Social Understanding, Gender & Sexuality from Birth to Puberty & Beyond
  • Gender & Sexuality in Adolescence
  • The Developing Child’s Body & Soul Relationship

The Social Understanding, Gender & Sexuality In-School Programme has  developed out of an wholistic understanding of the human being. An wholistic approach to gender and sexuality education is essential for our times in order to support young people. The programme, aims to deepen young people’s awareness of themselves and others through the exploration of topics in the area of sexuality and gender. Working with child development profiles that take into consideration the whole child, the topics for each age group explore content relevant to the emotional and physical changes of the children whilst placing these in the context of the larger social realm. Whilst the content brings awareness to the children of emotional and physical developmental changes that they are currently undergoing, it also looks at the previous changes they have experienced and future changes yet to come.

The programme was launched by Lisa Romero who has lectured in Male / Female studies at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College from 1999 onward and co-wrote the EduCareDo lessons ‘Male and Female Studies’. She has recently published a book on this topic, titled “Sex Education and The Spirit”. Since 2007 she has delivered the programme in numerous schools across Australia and America as part of their health and wellbeing curriculum – working directly with the students, teachers and parents. She has contributed to and is an adviser on the Health and Personal Development Curriculum for the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework. 

The Social Understanding, Gender & Sexuality Programme outline is offered on this site to make the information accessible to schools across Australia and America to complement the professional development courses; to help teachers reiterate content that has been delivered to their students and to support parents and caregivers of adolescents. 

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