Y Project is a section of Developing the Self Developing the World accessible to young adults from 16 years old. It provides mentors, health services, artistic programmes and events that are fully or partially funded by profits from Developing the Self Developing the World and external donations. 

Community events are emerging across Australia and America, and individuals are engaging with mentors or health services to support them on various levels. Diverse opportunities are being made available as more contributors come forward through Inner Work Path and recipients also contribute to the Y Project.



Mentorship helps to support individual interests in a particular vocation/profession, craft or task and bring conversation, guidance and perspective to young people’s questions and interests.

Vocational and Study Support assists individuals to attend upcoming Y Project and related events and activities.

The Arts brings balance, harmony and insight through our senses towards strengthening how we perceive the world outside of us more deeply and how we express ourselves, and how we take action in the world around us. 

Anthroposophic Remedies, Therapeutic Applications and Home Health Care are prescribed by health practitioners to bring daily support to invigorate the individual’s constitution to re-order and maintain healthy functions and processes for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Therapeutic Eurythmy is a form of art conceived by Rudolf Steiner early last century and extended into a therapy that connects the healthy rhythms of the human being with the cosmic rhythms of nature through movement. These movements combined with our individual effort can bring about significant changes to our health and the way we experience the world.
We will develop together a Eurythmy program for each individual relating to their specific needs. This will assist with aligning us to the cosmic forces that can stream into us like a pulse.

Rhythmical Massage seeks to make contact with inner processes and call forth the body’s own strengthening forces. It combines knowledge of the spiritual nature of the human being with rhythmical movements and specific forms gently massaged onto the body. They are generally provided as a course of treatments.

Pages are being designed for this site as a platform for young people to engage in the growing programs of the Y Project.

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